Data Annotation Services

Human Intelligence Powering AI

Our Team is the Human catalyst for AI as we work with you to strengthen your Artificial Intelligence projects through diverse Data Training. Our Data Annotation Services are highly Scalable, Affordable, and with satisfaction guaranteed of over 95%. Our services are affordable and ideal for companies and organisations seeking high-quality Data training for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning oriented projects. Our Managed Team will help you to succeed in your AI projects and allow you the flexibility to scale at ease. No two businesses are alike. That’s why Oasis Outsourcing is built to help our clients meet their specific goals. 

Our Comprehensive Data Annotation Services

Bounding Box & Cuboid

Data Annotation

Our low-cost bounding box annotations service specializes in image detection in images and videos. We have advanced tools and technologies that are key for occlusion, truncation, and overlapping.

Object Recognition

Bounding Boxes Services

Our Object Recognition Services assist in recognizing objects in images or videos to detect instances of semantic objects of a certain class such as humans, buildings, or cars this has applications in many areas of AI.

3D Point Cloud & Lidar

3D Point Cloud and Lidar Annotation

Our LiDAR Annotation help in Identifying objects in a 3D point cloud.  We draw bounding cuboids around different objects leading to quality annotated point cloud and LiDAR datasets.


Oasis Outsourcing Key point / Landmark Annotation

We detect shape variations and small objects using our Keypoint/Landmark Annotation Services. This service is ideal in understanding each point motion in a targeted object.

Polygonal Annotation

Data Annotation

Out Polygonal Annotations service allows the detection of irregularly shaped objects and coarse objects in images and videos. This service allows Our annotators to plot points regardless of object shape.

Semantic Segmentation

Data Annotation Services

 We offer Semantic Segmentation Services that provides a complete understanding of every pixel of the scene in the image. We link each pixel in an image to a class label for example a car, flower, piece of furniture, etc.

Audio Annotation

Audio Annotation Services

At Oasis Outsourcing, we pride ourselves on a breadth of experience in providing high-quality training data for speech recognition machine learning algorithms. 

Text Annotation

Text Annotation Services

To train Natural Language Processing algorithms, large annotated text datasets are required. At Oasis Outsourcing, we offer text annotation services that are affordable and easy to scale.

Why Work  With Us

  • Quality
    We deploy and dedicate a team of experts to your project. Our team is thoroughly trained. We have put in place quality control practices to ensure maximum quality output datasets with our high labeling accuracy.
  • Security
    We follow leading security principles for both our client’s platform and physical spaces. All Oasis team members work from secure facilities.
  • Scale
    We work with a large number of agents to annotate and tag images and videos as per the demand, hence meeting the client’s deadlines and helping them grow. We believe when our clients grow we also grow.
  • Project Management
    Every project that is handed over to us is dedicated to a whole team from a project manager, team leads, quality analysts, and agents. This is to ensure maximum quality in the images, audios, and videos we annotated.