Contact Center Services

Contact Center Services

24/7 Reliable Contact Center Services

What can Managed Contact Center Services do for me? Imagine several months passing without having to worry about a customer-related issue. No hassles over the need to be available always or the latest technology, no frustration around downtime, and no lost sleep over your customer needs. Our Contact Centre Services will leave you feeling confident that your company’s complete Customer needs are being fully taken care of.

The long and short of it: Our Managed Contact Center Services give you the best value for the money. It proactively provides seamless technology integration, updated systems & expert technical support at all times. Our Customer Support Agents are well trained, Motivated, and Vibrant. Let us meet all of your customer support needs in the 24/7 Call Centre, Live Chat & Email Support as you increase your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Our Comprehensive Contact Centre Services

General Call Center Services

Customer Support Services

At Oasis, We believe that every business large or small needs a world-class customer service and support  team to cater to its customers’ needs and queries. 

Telemarketing Services

Call Center Services

Our wide array of offshore telemarketing services include; telemarketing sales, outbound lead generation, outbound research, inbound sales, and inbound customer services

Live chat Support

Live Chat Support Services

One of the main growth factors for a successful online business is live chat support. We offer cost-effective online live chat support services to assist you with expanding your market reach. 

Debt Collection and Consolidation

Debt Collection Services

Debt collection and consolidation is an extremely crucial part of any business. With the global economy getting more and more unpredictable, a lot of people keep finding themselves in ever-increasing financial strain.

Why Work  With Us

  • Quality
    We deploy and dedicate a team of experts to your project. Our team is thoroughly trained. We have put in place quality control practices to ensure maximum quality output datasets with our high labeling accuracy.
  • Security
    We follow leading security principles for both our client’s platform and physical spaces. All Oasis team members work from secure facilities.
  • Scale
    We work with a large number of agents to annotate and tag images and videos as per the demand, hence meeting the client’s deadlines and helping them grow. We believe when our clients grow we also grow.
  • Project Management
    Every project that is handed over to us is dedicated to a whole team from a project manager, team leads, quality analysts, and agents. This is to ensure maximum quality in the images, audios, and videos we annotated.