Address: Royal Offices,3rd Floor, Office 33, Mogotio Road, Kenya.

IT Service Delivery Manager / Coordinator


Level: Mid-Level


Charged with ensuring the seamless delivery, maintenance, and enhancement of IT services in alignment with organizational goals, overseeing comprehensive service quality, client relationship management, team leadership, and continuous improvement initiatives within the IT service delivery framework. This includes spearheading the intricate tech implementation process, commencing with a thorough assessment of the company’s infrastructure capabilities and a meticulous analysis of client software, hardware, connectivity, and security needs. Coordinating closely with cross-functional IT teams and collaborating departments, drive the strategic alignment required for successful project execution, ensuring a harmonized approach across all facets of the implementation process.


New Client onboarding to the company ecosystem

  • To be part of the contract assessment and requirement by the client
  • Interacting with internal and external meetings during the closing of the new contract to be aware of the client’s business needs.

Technical Oversight

  • Conduct the proposals of initiatives and the analysis of business needs
  • Ensure that the hardware and software implementation will serve the client’s operational needs.
  • Coordinate the purchase with the op’s asset department.
  • Coordinate the software deployment and testing cycle before the handover.

Project Oversight and Execution

  • By conducting initiatives related to the current project that the company holding
  • Help in building project vision and put it into process and breakdown that serve the project vision.
  • Assist with Project analysis and road map to project implementation

Coordinate and follow up on the asset purchase with internal and external supplier

  • Asset technology validation to meet the client’s operation expectation
  • Ensure asset inventory is in place along with the asset purchase depending on the SLA between OPS Dept and Implementation.
  • Ensure regular communication is in place in terms of hardware availability and the latest market technology.


Budget Management

  • Ensure effective negotiations that maximize the use of the company’s resources
  • Analysis of the connection between the business’s needs and cost efficiency
  • Implement the OS baselines module to fulfill the customer needs and to ensure the company’s coast efficiency

Continuous Improvement

  • Exercising the SLA by enhancing the process and time frame to meet Solvo clients’ expectations.
  • Execute the terms of SLA to elevate the mass communication and challenges.
  • Drive process improvements and innovation initiatives to enhance project delivery efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Allocate resources effectively, manage project budgets, and maintain a focus on optimizing resource utilization

Risk Management

  • Identify and mitigate Ops risks, proactively addressing issues that may impact Ops timelines or deliverables.


Process 1       

Enhanced Service Delivery: Ensuring services surpass client expectations by refining onboarding processes and SLAs, resulting in improved timelines and seamless coordination.

Planning and designing IT systems: This includes identifying the organization’s IT needs and creating a plan to meet those needs through the implementation of new systems or the improvement of existing systems.

Process 2

Seamless Onboarding: Achieving a smooth onboarding process for clients emphasizing compatibility and addressing specific client needs.

Testing and maintaining systems: This includes testing systems to ensure they are working properly, troubleshooting and resolving any issues that arise, and maintaining systems to keep them running smoothly.

Strategic Client Engagement: Understanding the company’s business foundations and effectively translating the technological vision to clients, fostering confidence and fostering strong, enduring relationships.

Process 4

Collaborating with other IT professionals: This includes working with other IT professionals, such as network administrators and software developers, to ensure that systems are integrated and functioning properly.

Staying current with emerging technologies: This includes researching and staying informed about new technologies and trends in the IT industry, and determining how they can be applied to the organization’s systems.

Managing projects: This includes managing projects related to the implementation of new systems, including developing project plans, timelines, and budgets.


  • Compatible solution
  • Deep analysis
  • Coordination


The IT Implementation Coordinator is in charge of delivering the client reequipment on the below department.

  • IT Ops
  • IT infrastructure
  • IT Asset
  • Facility

Academic Background




Graduate: Homologation of experience

Certifications Required: ENGINEERING DEGREE 




English: Level 8


5 years as Service desk lead, IT Support, Service desk, DevOps ,Project Coordinator

Specific (Function and Process) strong background and knowledge in term of tech solution and system deployment and end user support